"It is with heavy heart to submit this letter to you knowing full well how great this opportunity has been. You have given me the trust that I needed and employed me at the time I needed it most. With the extent of confidence you endow on me as an employee, I am sincerely grateful to you for accepting me in your team and I hope you have seen my dedication to my job. Much more so, I personally appealed to you my multitasking situation and you have so graciously considered and approved. In my path to my goals, you have been a significant liaison and for that, I am all the more thankful.

I have submitted my application as a Graduate Nurse (GN) and for the June Licensure examinations. This entails a need for preparation and for obvious financial reasons; I would like to take the opportunity to be employed as a GN. Well aware that yours is a thriving business, I do feel guilty every time I have to refuse a shift. As much as possible, I wouldn't want to disappoint by doing so. More so, I study during the night when my baby has slept. Knowing full well the accountability of my position, I am seriously considering that at some point I may have a burn out and would not be able to give what I could and should on all three important aspects that I am trying to balance now; my child, my job and my exam.

With all due respect, I request for a time off till I've had my examinations ant truthfully if during this time off I would be blessed with a more permanent position as a nurse; I may have to tender my resignation. Not unless you'll offer me some position to fill in my week, but that would be far along in the future where I hope your doors will still be open for me.

Very truly yours,"